Alliance Events

This page includes upcoming training for our Alliance, as well as assemblies and other public actions.

  • 2017 National Training


    What is the 6 Day National Training?

    The 6 Day National Training is a program for people committed to understanding the craft of community organising – who want to play a key role in leading the activities of the Alliance inside their organisation and acting as a bridge between our member organisations.

    The residential course builds a close community of leaders across participating civil society organisations that represent the diversity our communities in Sydney and Queensland.  The 6 Day National Training is also open to those seeding new Alliances across Australia.

    Leaders are equipped with the tools they need to be more strategic and effective and to build and strengthen their organisations in the process. The course focuses on power, organisations, relationships and leadership.

    This 6 Day National Training will be from 3pm Sunday 26 March to 2pm Friday 31 March 2017.  The training is live-in residential and there are limited spaces.  If you wish to attend this program please complete the Expression of Interest form by 10 March 2017

    Pre-requisites for the 6 Day Training

    - Attended a 2 Day Foundations training institute
    - Endorsed by a partner organisation

  • Discernment Assembly March 2017

    On the 29th of March, the Alliance will hold our Discernment Assembly. On this night, we will decide on the issues that we will respond to together as we move to Founding.

    The night will be energetic, as people from South East Queensland and beyond will come together around the issues we have been working on across our districts. 

    Be a part of a night that will shape the future of Queensland's civil society. 


  • Foundations of Community Organising

    • Thursday, June 08, 2017 at 09:00 AM – June 09, 2017
    • TBC

    Foundations of Community Organising:

    The training is based on the philosophy and practices developed by the Industrial Areas Foundation in over 65 years of successful organising experience. 

    This 2 day training institute will be held  from 9am-4pm on two days in June (8th & 9th).  It is necessary for all attendees to commit to attending both days. 

    Topics at the 2 Day Foundations training include:

    • Community Organising:  based on the history and tradition of our religious, union and community organisations
    • Relational Organising:  individual relational meetings, listening assemblies, research, negotiation and action
    • Strengthening our Organisations: building a culture that is relational, action oriented and reflective/learning
    • Using Relational Power in the public sphere to take collaborative action on common issues

    There is no cost to attendees who are members of partner organisations in the Alliance, although we ask a $10 donation for lunch each day.



  • Queensland Community Alliance Founding Assembly

    Since our humble beginnings in 2013, the Queensland Community Alliance has grown progressively. We have developed our capacity to act together and build relationships across our organisations, and won victories that have addressed pressures and improved our communities in Logan, Ipswich and Brisbane. 

    Now, it is time to for us to step out of the shadows, and claim our public role as organised civil society! We have shown we can achieve results in our local communities through unusual alliance of local community members.

    Now is the time to take ourselves to the next level, to be publicly recognised for what we can achieve and move to the State level. The united work of our faith, union, community and ethnic organisations is rebuilding Queensland’s civil society and we need to show that we can:

    • Hold decision makers in government and the market accountable
    • Advance the common good
    • Give meaning to our democracy by helping citizens take democratic action beyond the vote
    • Provide a forum for the grassroots members of our organisations to join together and influence decision makers

     Be a part of an historic night as we establish the Alliance and the power of civil society in Queensland!