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    Logan  mothers  and  babies  need  access  to  maternity   care  options  that  suit  them.  

    Currently  around  1  in  10  Logan  women  have  little   or  no  contact  with  healthcare  or  appropriate   support  services  during  their  pregnancy  – about   double  the  average  for  Queensland.      

    We  know  there  is  a  better  way!  A  way  that  will  support   these  families  to  have  access  to  a  care  model  that  best   suits  their  individual needs  and  provides  a  safe,   supportive  and  nurturing  start  to  life  together.      

    We  pledge  to  support  the  proposal  made  by  the   collaboration  between  Logan  Together,  Metro  South   Health,  and  over  twenty  consumer, community  and   health  organisations.

    Community Maternity Hubs would provide:

    • A  continuous  relationship  with  a  primary  midwife  from  the  first  antenatal  visit,  right   through  labour,  birth  and  post-­natal  care.
    • Additional  care  from  other  health  service  providers  based  upon  the  individual   needs  of  the  woman  and  her  family  (e.g. Aboriginal and  Torres  Strait  Islander  and  Maori   and  Pacific  Islander  health  workers.  GPs,  obstetricians,  allied  health  and  child  health nurses).
    • A  welcoming  community  or  neighbourhood  centre  setting  for  appointments.  
    • Connection  to  other  community  supports  and  social  activities.  
    • Ongoing  Oversight  Committee  with  guaranteed  community  voices,  which  ensures  that   agreed  vision  and  philosophy  of  this  care model  remains  integral  on  all  levels  to  ensure   positive  growth,  accountability  and  continuous  improvement  of  services.  

    We  know  that  these  hubs  will  only  succeed  with  the  ongoing  support  of  us  as  community  members.


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    I pledge to be a friend of the Community Maternity Hubs by:

    • Telling my friends and family about this initiative.
    • Staying informed about their progress through regular updates.
    • Standing up to support the sustainability of these hubs in the future.


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