Community Alliance Welcomes Wage Theft Action

We Stand With Muslim Community

We Stand With Muslim Community

Statement by Vivienne Doogan, (President, Together Union), Rev Brian Hoole (Bremer Brisbane Presbytery Minister, Uniting Church).

Friday 15th March 2019.

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Happy Birthday!

It's our birthday!

A year ago our Alliance was Founded at Brisbane City Hall with the largest joint civil society event in Qld's history.  We were recognised by Premier Palaszczuk who committed to work on our proposed solutions around Care and Employment & Training.

In the last year we've gone to work converting the commitments made that night into wins on the issues that affect your life. 

We've had 12 wins on these issues - check out our progress here.  That's winning every 33 days! 


Take Action

To celebrate we're kicking off a next phase of action around employment, training and the NDIS.  Here's what you can do:


1. Attend our Employment Forum - Mon 17th September 4 for 4.30-6.30pm, Sandgate District State High School.

Our Employment Forum is focused on the dignity of work. We're bringing people together to share stories, develop a common vision and commit to action.
If you have a story or a passion about quality work we need you!  Whether it's about getting work, keeping a job, exploitation at work, and the need for quality training that leads to quality employment.
Together we can address the causes of the pressures we face. RSVP online here and along bring your friends, family and colleagues.


2. Sign the Training Petition

Today we're launching our Petition for Quality Training.  

We hear stories of students saddled with huge debts, people receiving meaningless certificates because of a tick and flick culture, employers who find that graduates don’t have the skills they need, and some of the most vulnerable in our community not being able to access training.

We need the Minister Fentiman and the State Government to act to restore quality through increasing funding, making sure money reaches the classroom, and upgrading educator qualifications.

Sign here to show Minister Fentiman that Queenslanders want action for quality training.


3. Sign the Campaign Pledge to Fix and Fund the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme rollout is in trouble.  The stories we're hearing from every perspective show that change is needed to make this reform work for people with disability, their families, service providers and workers.

Everyone in politics just wants this to magically be okay.  We're asking you to sign the Campaign Pledge to show both State and Federal Government that fixing the NDIS needs to be a priority for them.  


4. Save the Date - 2018 Accountability Assembly, 7th November 2018.

Our big Assembly for this year will be on Weds 7th November, 6.30pm.  Save the date now and join over 700 civil society leaders in acting for a better Queensland.


Congratulations on making the first year since Founding a success.  We're looking forward to the relationships and action we can build together in the year ahead.  

If you want to get more involved let me know!

Contact or 0467 563 796

First Year Successes

It's been a year since our Founding Assembly and we've had a win every 33 days!

Here's what we've won together:


Better Care - NDIS and Aged Care:

  • State funding for disability advocacy secured to June 30, 2021.

  • Extended funding of Workability Project for 2018/19.

  • Reduction of ACAT waiting times to Australian benchmarks.

  • Commitment to minimum staffing levels, based on research, where State delivers residential aged care.


Employment and Training:

  • New Labour Hire Inspectors to expose exploitative employment practices for Qld’s most vulnerable workers.  

  • A commitment to particularly targeting these inspectors to contract cleaning, seasonal farm work and hospitality.

  • The establishment of a new government-led apprenticeship program under Qld Government's Building Asset Services.

  • Changes to implementation of Schools Solar program that ensure procurement policies will be triggered and extra apprentices are employed.


Our Districts:

  • Stafford: New car park at Prince Charles Hospital that will be publicly funded and built.
  • Logan:
    • 3 Community Maternity Hubs are up and running, fulfilling the commitments made last year.
    • Implementation of Australia's first Demand Responsive Transport trial in Logan, Sept 2017 - Sept 2018.
    • Extension of Demand Responsive Transport trial to a fourth trial site.
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Call for Vision of Ipswich Summit


Media Release


28 August 2018


As civil society leaders, we are saddened by chaos at Council and welcome the stability that the appointment of an administrator will bring. The administrator must ensure that Ipswich City Council once again adheres to the law and restores good governance.

Ipswich should not suffer a democratic deficit while the administrator is in place. The name and reputation of our city and community has been impacted, we need action to rebuild our credibility now.

We need to create a positive vision for Ipswich that we all share.  The Minister for Local Government has removed the Council and therefore the State Government has a responsibility to bring the community together. We call on government to facilitate a “Vision of Ipswich” Summit.

We think that community members, local business, and government agencies need to create a shared vision for Ipswich that is owned and created by our people. 

Our Alliance stands ready to do our part. We are determined that this summit will not be just a talkfest. We can’t put our city’s future on hold. Everyone needs to come forward with ideas and their commitment, because we need decisions and real programs that builds a new culture of civic leadership.




Fr Stephen Bliss - Catholic Communities of Ipswich

Vivienne Doogan - President, Together Union

Rev Peter Arnett - Uniting Churches of Ipswich



Contact: Margareta Lemon 0407 738 697

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Partner Profile - United Voice

Why is your organisation a member of the Alliance?

United Voice is a member of the Alliance to make sure our members have a voice not only in their workplace but also in their community.

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Partner Profile - QNMU

Why is your organisation a member of the Alliance?

We share similar values with the Queensland Community Alliance, including our goals to work collectively and democratically for the common good.

The QNMU is well placed to advocate for not only our members, but also the communities in which our members work and live.

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Partner Profile - The Services Union

Why is your organisation a member of the Alliance?

The Services Union is proud to join with like-minded organisations to ensure positive real change occurs in Queensland workplaces and communities.

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The Five Ps of taking great photos at your next event

Taking engaging photos and videos is more important than ever in a digital world but is your community organisation often falling short? 

With a camera in everyone’s pocket and so much of our interactions happening online in social media, having at least one great photo of your meetings, protests, actions and events is critical to your organisation communicating and growing.

With a little thought and planning anyone can be a great volunteer photographer, even you!

All you need are the 5 P's:

  1. Place

  2. Planning

  3. Power

  4. Privacy

  5. Practice

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Partner Profile - Amnesty International

Why is your organisation a member of the Alliance?

Amnesty International is a member of the QLD Community Alliance because the more that people stand together in solidarity to fight for change, the more inevitable it is that we achieve it.

We also know that a community organising approach to engaging with local communities on local issues is vital, and the Queensland Community Alliance are strong advocates for this.

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