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  • Joe Guta
    commented 2016-08-05 09:38:06 +1000

    Joe contacting you from Act on Alcohol, I am a community development officer interested in knowing how our initiative can be involved in supporting this campaign. Please contact me through email if there is a way that we can help.

    Our website encase you needed more info about us is:

    Warm regards,

  • Anatoliy Trofymenko
    commented 2016-04-26 15:44:01 +1000
    Hello ! Greetings from Ukraine ! Your community want to report on their news blog:
  • Eriya Ngenda
    commented 2016-03-26 20:38:51 +1000
  • Anne Fox
    commented 2016-03-16 10:03:15 +1000
    Lynne Feldon from Church of Christ has asked me to contact Dave re the workshop that was to be held on the 21 and 22 of April. She has also asked me to become more involved in the Community Alliance on behalf of the Church of Christ as her time is so limited which I feel very willing to do could you contact me on 0447 355 352 as a few people have expressed interest in this workshop
  • Mitch Bright
    commented 2015-11-08 11:10:54 +1000
    Hi I see you have a public transport working group. I wonder if you also have a working group for people who want to get around by bicycle? Bicycles are a good form of transport for short trips ( shops, school, the park) and most people have a bicycle, but many people are afraid to ride on the road because of the danger from motor vehicles. A third of our residents in Brisbane and Logan do not have a driver’s licence. Public transport is expensive and does not offer door to door service. The bicycle has the potential to enable may people who are disenfranchised by out current transport system the opportunity for cheap and convenient transport. We just need political will to make it easy and convenient for people who want to get about by bike.
  • Abhay Bhatia
    commented 2015-09-28 10:59:43 +1000
    My name is Abhay and I am a volunteer with Oaktree – we are young people leading a movement to end poverty.

    Right now, we’re launching our newest campaign – ‘Collective Future’, in which we are holding a major Speaking Tour, where we have invited speakers from countries like Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, etc in all major cities in the coming weeks.

    As the entire proceeds of the ticket sales would go to the development and education of underprivileged children in developing countries, I ask for your kind support for our upcoming event. We would be obliged if any of your representatives could come to hear our speakers. Here’s the link:

    At Oaktree, we see climate change and poverty alleviation as two deeply interconnected issues – with the worst effects of climate change having a disproportionate impact on the livelihood of the world’s most impoverished, vulnerable people.

    We are taking action – to build a collective future that we can all be proud of.

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