Building a better community


6pm, 7th July 2015 at St Francis College, Crestmead.

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We are working to establish a community organising alliance in south east Queensland to forge a better community.

This will be an alliance of faith groups are coming together with charities, unions, community organisations and ethnic associations to work together for the common good.

This alliance will be based around the personal relations we will build across organisations in our local area. We will identify and train people to become leaders in community organising, who will decide our priorities for action together, through a process of listening to stories of pressures that our members face and witness.

Our alliance draws on the community organising tradition of the United States, and is linked with and based upon the model of the Sydney Alliance.


Come and see: attend our Logan Assembly and see for yourself how community organising works to transform communities. RSVP here.


To see an example of how we got to here, watch our video of Listening to Logan

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