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  • Wednesday, March 01, 2023 at 07:00 PM · 1 rsvp
    TBC - Townsville in Townsville, Australia

    Townsville Listening Launch

    Join the Townsville Community Alliance as we launch our 2023 Listening Campaign! 

    Everyone needs to feel that they are listened to.

    A good neighbour is one who listens to what is going on in our community. Strong organisations come together to solve the problems that their members experience or witness.

    This listening event is being hosted by the leaders of the Townsville Community Alliance. We will listen to stories of the pressures on the lives of people in our local community, focusing on: 

    • Cost of living pressures
    • Social isolation and loneliness
    • Other pressures facing families in Townsville.

    Building relationships through sharing stories forms the basis of our power. Community organising has resulted in transformational change in communities all over Queensland and across the world. And it all starts with people's stories. 

    The night will kick off with an introduction to listening and our Alliance in Townsville. We will then spend time building relationships and sharing stories, and we'll finish off the night by committing to our next steps together. 

    All are welcome, registration is essential so that we can plan our night accordingly.

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