QCAFA--460.jpgThe Queensland Community Alliance brings together 35 member organisations representing 1.7 million Queenslanders.

We organise our members and communities to act for the common good. We are churches, mosques, other faith groups, trade unions, community organisations and ethnic associations.

Community organising is democracy in action: winning victories that change lives, transform communities, develop leadership and strengthen civil society.

We are funded and constituted by our Member Organisations. We intentionally don't apply for or take government funding. 


Current Members: 


We are a growing Alliance, achieving things together that we can not on our own! 

If you're interested in becoming a member or learning more please contact us on [email protected]

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  • Kevin Kingswell
    commented 2020-09-14 22:14:11 +1000
    Dear Team,
    Thank you for the superb online pesentation, this evening. It proved to be an invaluable exercise in seeking to have our political masters become more accountable.
    Over the past four years, I have laboured long and hard, to grow A COMPASSION INITIATIVE across this Wide Bay region of Qld.. Seeking to promote THE LEARNING HEALTH of all students. With great support of THE AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL FOR COMPASSION and overseas agencies.
    Sadly, the entrenched apathy has defeated my very best efforts so far.
    But I persist.
    Knowing and accepting that the imposition of THE NATIONAL DEBIT CARD is an eloquent indicator of some social issues that blight the lives of students and families alike.
    As an active member and visionary of THE FRASER DISTRICT COMMUNITY VOICE, I pose the question, ‘Do you believe that our tiny group would be welcome to affiliate with your Alliance, for our mutual benefit?’
    For my 60 years of dedicated school teaching has not been enough for me to gain the attention and on-going support of a programme, perhaps best summarised in the following ‘social equation’:

    families/other care-givers +schools + local community elders = village-grounded chn.

    The late Dr. Margaret Mead gave us the aphorism “It takes a village to raise a child”,
    to which I add (not my contribution) “It takes a village to appreciate education”.

    Thanks for reflecting on these thoughts, and plesase return these comments in any reply you offer.

    Kind regards,
    Kevin C. KIngswell