The Queensland Community Alliance is associated with a number of other community organising alliances around the globe. We frequently connect with these alliances to share and learn from experiences, continually strengthening our ability to work towards the common good. 

These organisations include: 


Founded in 2011, the Sydney Alliance is a citizens’ coalition whose vision is to provide the community with a voice to express common values and aspirations for a fair and just Sydney. As the first established community organising alliance in Australia, Sydney Alliance has provided significant guidance and mentoring during the Queensland Community Alliance's start-up phase. 



Founded in 2008, the Sound Alliance (Washington, USA) is driven by the belief that a wide range of faith, labor, education, immigrant and other civil sector institutions are essential to a vibrant democratic society—mending and reweaving the social fabric essential for strong families, healthy communities and a just world.

The Sound Alliance and its other Northwest affiliates are part of the larger Industrial Areas Foundation, the oldest and most widely recognized broad-based community organizing and leadership development network of its kind.




The Sydney Alliance, Sound Alliance and Queensland Community Alliance are all a part of the Industrial Areas Foundation, which has developed and practiced Saul Alinsky's style of community organising since the 1940s. Based in the USA, Organisers from the IAF often act as mentors providing guidance to younger community organising groups. 



Since its formation in the 1990's, Citizens UK has brought together over 300 member organisations that represent the diversity and interests of civil society in the United Kingdom. Through the tradition of community organising, Citizens UK has a number of great achieved that reflect their ability to work towards the common good; their success serves as an inspiration for younger community organising alliances.