Our Board is constituted with two faith, two union and two community representatives.  This ensures a balance between the different spheres that make up our Alliance.

Our Board Co-chairs are Beth Mohle (QNMU) and Roger Marshall (LCGA).


The current board members are:

  • Kerrin Benson, CEO, Multicultural Development Australia. (Treasurer)
  • Rev Andrew Gunton, Minister, Oxley Uniting Church, and Chair of Bremer Brisbane Presbytery.   
  • Rev Geoff Hoyte, Rector, Anglican Parish of Logan
  • Sheila Hunter, Assistant Secretary of United Voice Queensland. 
  • Roger Marshall, President, Logan East Community Neighbourhood Assn, and Convenor, Logan Community Group Alliance. (Co-chair)
  • Beth Mohle, Secretary of the Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union. (Co-chair)

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