Whether natural or economic disaster we know that two things are critical in a crisis: relationships (horizontal bonds between people in a neighbourhood) & coordination (vertical bonds that connect people to decision making power.)

A group of leaders across this neighbourhood have come together during the pandemic to think about how we can strengthen out community through and after after the pandemic. The Prime Minister is preparing the community for six months of “lockdown.” Whilst the initial threat of covid-2019 may ease, there will be deep economic repercussions and social impacts for people in our streets so we need to be able to adapt to what is happening for people. So we’ve decided to connect our streets and neighbours by, by doing “solidarity community organising.” And we want you to be involved!

Interested? Get involved by filling this out. We will get in touch! https://forms.gle/JuKKaEmKqc2HYnEs9


What’s the point?

o   Build and connect us to our neighbours!

o   Reach out to those vulnerable and disconnected

o   Build relationships across our organisations

o   Listen to stories and build our community power to act together on what we hear!


How will it work?

o   People will be divided up into suburb areas. 

o   Each suburb area will start by letterboxing our streets. People are connected on “Whatsapp”

o   People can choose to put their own name on the flyer, but they will all ring a central number- Sandra (from St. Clements Church)! She connects people back to their neighbours

o   Each suburb will build relationships with their neighbours and give support where needed.  

o   As restrictions ease we will want to hear stories, connect our community and act together for what we hear, like we have with getting affordable carparking at Prince Charles Hospital and traffic lights/safer streets.  


What is community solidarity and why does this work matter?

Solidarity is a recognition that we are 'all in this together,' and is a commitment to strengthen community and promote a just society.

Versions of community or social solidarity during a pandemic is discussed in detail in The Conversation as well as featured in this research here


Who are the Stafford community solidary group members?

This community group is made up of individuals and members of local organisations who live or work in the area, and are passionate about the social safety and health of our neighbours. The work has been initiated and mentored by the Queensland Community Alliance.  


Connect on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/2620478418197026/

Interested? Get involved by filling this out. We will get in touch! https://forms.gle/JuKKaEmKqc2HYnEs9