Fix and fund the NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme rollout is in trouble. There are not enough staff at the National Disability Insurance Agency, with only 3000 employed instead of the 13,000 originally planned. This has real consequences. A young man in Tasmania died waiting for help under the NDIS, with the delay hastening his death.

People with a disability have had their planning interviews happen over the phone.

Service providers are left owing hundreds of millions. 

In areas where the NDIS, has rolled out, People with a disability have been denied care, in spite of previous eligibility, and told their needs are health related, not disability 

There have been a myriad of reports on these concerns, by the Productivity Commission.

Former Liberal Leader John Hewson has compared the rollout to the Pink batts scheme.

We need to make sure this system is fixed, and funded. Please sign the petition below.

Dan Tehan MP, Minister for Social Services, 

We demand a National Disability Insurance Scheme that works, with the necessary funding to provide quality support for people with disability, their family and carers, and workers who support them. 

Will you sign?

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