Vocational education and training is important to all Queenslanders.

We want quality training that leads to secure, sustainable work for all.

However vocational education and training in Qld and Australia continues to be in crisis. 

We hear stories of students saddled with huge debts, people receiving meaningless certificates because of a tick and flick culture, employers who find that graduates don’t have the skills they need, and some of the most vulnerable in our community not being able to access training.

Hon Shannon Fentiman, Minister for Employment and Small Business and Minister for Training and Skills Development

Minister Fentiman, we call on you to take five key actions to restore quality and public confidence in Qld's training system:

  1. Restore Qld Government’s overall funding for VET at minimum $810.7 Million (2016/17 level).

  2. Only provide Qld Government subsidy to training providers who guarantee minimum 60% of recommended training hours as contact with students.

  3. Initiate an independent public inquiry into why Qld has one of the lowest levels in Australia for the average $ figure per Annual Hour of Contact for VET delivery.

  4. Encourage improved quality levels in VET through introducing voluntary VET Educator accreditation with Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) linked to National Standards and Currency requirements.

  5. Make TAFE financially accessible for people seeking asylum who live in Queensland.


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    Vocational Education and Training has helped thousands of people pursue their dreams. This is a great way to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding in the area of interest. It’s a critical option and must be of high quality.
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