The Power Network

We are a network of young leaders (generally under 35) from community organisations, ethnic communities, environmental groups, unions and faith groups across Brisbane working together to build a more just and fair future for all of us.


By working together to develop and train ourselves as leaders, listen to our communities and share the stories that we hear; we can develop winning campaigns on the issues that matter. By drawing on the strength in our diversity of culture, skills and backgrounds we will become the collaborative and adaptive leaders our society needs not only for the future but for the present day.


The Queensland Community Alliance are here to support us, train us, help us build our organisations and connect the groups we are involved into the work of the QCA and the work we do as the Power Network. In this way, the Power Network is born of and a part of the QCA but also something that we as young leaders of the alliance organisations can take hold of to do experimental, innovative and independent work focused on issues affecting young people.


Our goals are: 

1) Learning about community organising and developing ourselves as leaders

2) Developing and supporting one another on our own individual community organising projects within our communities, workplaces and congregations.

3) Working and planning how we can organise our communities to be in stronger alliances with one another through QCA organising and campaigning.


Keen to get involved?


Please contact Elise Ganley for more information about meetings and upcoming events:

E: [email protected]