Check out the recordings of our civic academies! Each session is a deep dive into one of the policy areas we're negotiating for in our Maroonprint Election Assembly.  You can read our detailed policy proposals here  or the summary version here.

The civic academy series aims to:

  • Develop the technical and policy knowledge among Alliance leaders and within Alliance institutions 
  • Build on our Maroonprint Vision and Principles for Queensland Reconstruction
  • Increase the ambition and imagination around public policy

Previous Academies

Civic Academy 1: Social Isolation and Loneliness

Our first session will be a slightly longer session, to spend some time setting up the civic academy series. We'll examine the links between these academies, community organising, a strong civil society and a healthy democracy. 

We'll then hear from local academics and community leaders from our organising in Mount Gravatt who will talk about social isolation, loneliness, mental health and community connection. 

Watch the recording here!

Civic Academy 2: Community Centre Funding

The second cab off the rank is community centre funding and capacity. 

What does the community infrastructure of the 21st Century look like? What would fully funded independent, locally governed, place based community Neighbourhood Centres mean for the most vulnerable communities in our state?

Watch the recording here!

Civic Academy 3: The Energy Transition

It's well accepted that we need to ensure that global warming must remain well below 2°C to ensure the health and well being of human populations and other ecosystems we rely on, and Queensland is on the frontline of this transition.

How can we make sure that our transition to a clean energy future is well planned, protects the most impacted workers and communities and ensures the health and longevity of jobs and infrastructure for Queensland well into the future?

Watch the recording here!

Civic Academy 4: Stimulus and Employment

Australia is entering its first recession in nearly three decades.

Our penultimate civic academy will explore what stimulus spending is and how it can be used to curb unemployment and solve other social pressures faced by Queensland communities.

Watch the recording here!

Civic Academy 5: Welcoming New Queenslanders

Our final civic academy will explore the challenges people face when moving to Queensland, and some solutions around how we can become a more welcoming and inclusive society.

Watch the recording here!

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