Queensland Community Alliance demand mayoral candidates change Council culture in pre-election town hall event

Event details: Ipswich Mayoral Assembly, Sunday August 6, 11am-1pm, Ipswich City Catholic Church.

IPSWICH: the Queensland Community Alliance will hold a large public event in Ipswich to demand candidates commit to a new culture for Council – a culture that’s open and willing to work with civil society for the common good.

The Ipswich District of the Queensland Community Alliance expect close to 100 locals to be there to question the leading mayoral candidates’ commitment to local issues including: the need for better care for people living with mental illness, revitalising the city centre, and the exciting Okiedokie refugee farmshare project.

The assembly will be held at Ipswich City Uniting Church on Sunday August 6 from 11am.

In front of a large local crowd, Alliance leaders will ask each leading candidate to publicly commit to openly working with the community to improve access to mental health services, and build a more respectful relationship between the community and council, if they are elected.

“The surprise Mayoral election has seen locals re-energised to demand a fairer Ipswich for people living with mental health issues, and for the Council to play its part in achieving this,” said Donna Conway, Pastoral Ministry Coordinator at Booval Catholic Parish and local Alliance leader.

The event is co-chaired by Mr Lloyd Abbott, from Together Union and Ipswich Council of Unions, Ms Hannah Jackson, of Glebe Rd Uniting Church and Ms Anne Fox, Tenant Advocate for Church of Christ. 

“Over the last two years of solid work, we’ve had a lot of success around better care for people with mental illness in Ipswich from the hospital and the Primary Health Network, however we’ve struggled to get traction with the City Council on revitalising the city centre,” Mr Abbot said.

The Queensland Community Alliance in Ipswich has led several local campaigns over a couple of years. The Alliance’s membership includes many of the state’s biggest religious, union and community groups working for a stronger, fairer civil society in Queensland.

Ms Fox was quick to point out that the Mayoral Assembly “will not be a candidates debate, or a rowdy meeting with ‘gotcha’ questions. We will be disciplined civil society organisations coming together to seek to create a new relationship of two-way respect with the next Mayor of Ipswich, where they respect our commitment to fight to see our values reflected in the City Council.”

Locals interested in the work of the Ipswich team and the Queensland Community Alliance are encouraged to register or via Facebook. Download this press release as a PDF.

The Alliance is building towards its Founding Assembly at Brisbane City Hall on Wednesday August 30 where over 1500 people are expected to attend to face state and local political leaders.

Interviews and information: Pre-event photo & interviews Friday August 4 or call Dave on 0408841595 or email [email protected]