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Queensland Community Alliance in the MEDIA

April 2018: Alliance event celebrates Qld's labour hire laws

April 2018: Catholic international students exploited by employers full of praise for new labour hire laws in Qld

April 2018: Govt promises hospital car park fix

March 2018: Locals protest for a publicly-funded car park and fair fees.December 2017: Community Alliance makes impact

October 2017: (Baby Asha campaign) When anger works part 2: Changemakers podcast

August 2017: Founding of Qld Community Alliance.

August 2017: Churches, unions join forces ahead of election

August 2017: Workplace exploitation leaving Latin American students without food, security

July 2015: Parishioner tells of wife’s ordeal

June 2017: Queensland health minister promises $2m annual investment in continuous care maternity model

May 2017: Logan families to benefit from expanded community maternity services

May 2017: Community leaders propose continuous care model to improve maternity care in Logan

March 2017: Stafford parish leads discussion on northside hospital’s expensive parking rates

November 2016: Patients and visitors protest brisbane hospital parking fees

November 2016: Outrageous hospital parking fees keeping families apart


August 2017: Founding Assembly Media & Photo desk Alert