A table talk is a small group conversation. It works best when 6-12 people gather for about an hour, and share stories. Conversations in small groups are a key way we can have an impact in this referendum on the Voice. It allows for people to share stories, as well as to hear and process important information in a way that is accessible and makes sense to them. Running these conversations in our community centres, churches, mosques, workplaces, cultural communities or homes will strengthen the relationships within our communities, and develop our ability to act together on issues that matter.

Most people really want to do the right thing in this referendum, but they don't know how. Giving people the space to ask questions and come to informed decisions while talking to the people they trust is how we will win this referendum.

Hundreds of people are hosting Table Talks. Attend one of the training sessions below to learn more about what table talks are, and how to run them in this context. This 90 minute session will:

  • Outline the power of conversations in a campaign context

  • Run you through the process of a table talk

  • Give you space to think about what this looks like in your community

  • Have space for questions

Authorised Devett Kennedy, Queensland Community Alliance, 300 Ann Street Brisbane

No trainings yet.