Assembly Officers

This is the page for Assembly officers to access all the resources you need to achieve your goals. 

Latest materials to help you

A special T-shirt for you

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What is involved in being an Assembly officer?


The Queensland Community Alliance is looking for leaders within our partner organisations who are prepared to learn the valuable skill of relational organising. Be part of creating an awesome Founding Assembly!

As an Assembly Officer, you will be supported to learn and practise:

1. How to use your own stories to build relationships that lead to action.
2. How to find in others their strength and passion.
3. How to organise attendance at events with real participation, where people come ready to act because they share a common vision.
4. The skills of running table talks to create real shared energy and commitment

Assembly Officers will receive:
1. Personal training and mentoring from professional relational organisers – 2 individual sessions and three group training nights between April and August
2. Support and recognition from your organisation as an emerging leader and ambassador to membership for the organisation’s wider mission.
3. The opportunity to run a 1600+ Founding Assembly that will start changing politics in Queensland.

Commitment required!
• Commit to turnout at least 10 people to August Founding Assembly through 30 relational contacts. These will include 3 table talks and 15 one-on-ones with separate individuals,

Resources for Assembly officers. 

Role desciption: - this sheet outlines what's involved in being an Assembly officer. Assembly_Officer_-_role_description.pdf

Table Talk guides: This document provides the basics of running a table talk, and on the back, has the next steps that people could take after a table talk. Assembly_officer_Table_talk_guides.pdf (Updated July 2017.)

 Table Talk Planning worksheet - this is a graphical layout of three tables that helps you think through who to invite for each table talk. Worksheet_for_Table_talks_invites.pdf

 Table Talk Notes: - this is the Notebook to use for recording peoples stories during the table talks. Table_Talk_Notes_Updated.pdf

Table Talks submission template: This is an excel form that you can use to type up the stories after the meeting. This is one option.  Table_talk_notes_template.xls  The other is to do it online here