How to run a Table Talk- materials

All of our partner organisations are now in the middle of running our first ever listening campaign. 

During this campaign, individual members of an Alliance partner organisation hold a table talk, a gathering of 6-12 people to share stories and hear the pressures that our community faces. These stories will all feed into our Discernment Assemblies in August, where we will decide on the pressures we will first work on to solve. 

Here are two Word documents that you can use to run your own table Talk. 

The first is a guide,  that gives you all the instructions you need to run the table talk. 

The second is a template for note taking. 

If you have any question, don't hesitate to give either Devett or I a call (Dave Copeman 0408841595)

Here's a video from the Sydney Alliance about how to run a Table talk.