National Training 2014

In October 2014, we hosted National Training in Queensland for the first time. Sixteen representatives of faith, union and community organisations came together at Mercy Place. For six days, they balanced the tension between the tranquility of Mt Cootha and the intensity of the training. Learning from experts including the Industrial Areas Foundation’s Joe Chrastil, the Sydney Alliance’s Amanda Tattersal, and our very own Dave Copeman, PJ Humphries and Jason Macleod, the group explored in great detail the principles and methods of community organising.


The good news is: everyone survived training and has returned to their communities with newfound confidence in their ability to work towards the common good!

The bad news is: the occupants of Mercy Place will never forget the not-so-dulcet tones of the group’s late night sing-alongs.


Congratulations to Sam La Rocca, Rev Gwen Fisher, Vivienne Doogan, Larissa Flanagan, Rev Yvonne McRostie, Sr Rosa Vazzano, Rev Andrew Ross, Shanaz Razeen, Rev Mel Wheeley, Peter Kaldor, Barry Welch, Fr Nev Yun, Jessie Scott, Beccy Congram, Toni Porter and Terry Fitzpatrick for completing National Training!