Sign below to support the Maroonprint for Queensland Reconstruction and call on the Queensland Government and all political parties to agree to this vision and the practical principles. We have a great opportunity to build a better Queensland for all of us.


Maroonprint for Queensland Reconstruction

As we recover from the ongoing Covid19 crisis there has never been a more important time for building a fairer, more sustainable and thriving Queensland full of opportunity for everyone. 

We need to capitalise on the strengths that have underpinned our response to the health crisis, while responding to the problems this crisis has revealed.

As organised civil society we want to see this achieved in a way that responds to the needs of Queensland and Queenslanders.

We endorse this Maroonprint for Queensland Reconstruction, and we call on the Queensland Government and all political parties to agree to this vision and the practical principles.



Our vision is of a Queensland reconstruction that:

  • Is people centred, fair and creates greater equity and opportunity for those who most need it.
  • Creates jobs that are safe, secure and dignified for all Queenslanders.
  • Responds to the threat posed by climate change with strategies that protect our planet, create decent jobs that provide dignity, and strong communities that are united and safe.
  • Builds communities that are safe, connected, responsive and inclusive.
  • Prioritises reconciliation between the First Nations and other peoples of Queensland - guided by the principles in the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Practical Principles 

1. Government leads in getting Queenslanders back into good, secure jobs as quickly as possible through spending that stimulates the economy.  Ensuring no one is left behind by targeting support to vulnerable small businesses and vulnerable workers.

2. Invest in the public services that have supported Queenslanders through the crisis.  Ensuring we maintain and improve on the high quality of health care, education, community and emergency services.

3. Create jobs and industries in climate solutions to ensure Queensland does its fair share to keep global warming under 2°C and as close to 1.5°C as possible:

a. Climate Jobs Plan with specific targets and clear roles for Government.

b. Build big public renewable projects and make Queensland a renewable energy superpower

c. Plan for a thriving clean manufacturing industry in Queensland powered by clean energy.

d. Engage in an ambitious program to build critical infrastructure projects to support a thriving Queensland well into the 21st century. 

e. A strategy to support impacted workers into the jobs of the future.


4. Strengthen the capacity of Queensland’s rural and regional communities to be healthier economically and socially.


5. Build the community infrastructure of the 21st Century across Queensland including:

a. Increase funding in the network of independent, locally governed, place-based community Neighbourhood Centres; recognising their particular role in working with the most vulnerable communities, building social capital and thriving communities.

b. Deliver community health and care services through neighbourhood/community centres, making health services accessible and close to the home, building wellness, connections and resilience.

c. Support and resource local mental health strategies and initiatives.


6. Develop a new strategy for addressing Social Isolation and Loneliness with a whole-of-person, whole-of-community and whole-of-government approach

7. Ensure new Queenslanders are welcomed and supported in good times and in bad.

8. Establish a commission with broad community representation to develop and oversee the implementation of a plan for Queensland’s future in line with this vision, principles, and human rights frameworks.

9. Ensure new legislative and police powers are reviewed in a transparent way, and are proportionate, fairly enforced and time-limited.


Approved by Qld Community Alliance Leaders Council on 4th June 2020.

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Gill King
Tony Robertson
Peter Hanley
Colin T
Karen Dawson-Sinclair
Karla Orellana
jesus gonzalez
Noel Morris
Mark Juster
Rebecca Congram
Ann Hewson
Martin Nicholls
Ignacio Correa-Velez
Paul Barry
Terry Fitzpatrick
Peter Nisbet
Trish Morrow
Kay McPadden
Bob Parker
Michael Curtin
Michelle McDonald
John Bamford
Roger Marshall
Debbie Ranson
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  • Gill King
    signed 2020-07-02 14:21:13 +1000
  • Tony Robertson
    signed 2020-07-01 14:06:39 +1000
    I commit to working ij my local community online and in person to promote the objectives of the Maroonprint Petition
  • Peter Hanley
    signed 2020-06-30 22:02:13 +1000
  • Colin T
    signed 2020-06-30 20:10:31 +1000
  • Karen Dawson-Sinclair
    signed 2020-06-30 18:27:51 +1000
    Karen Dawson-Sinclair
  • Karla Orellana
    signed 2020-06-30 05:18:39 +1000
  • jesus gonzalez
    signed 2020-06-29 22:42:48 +1000
  • Noel Morris
    signed 2020-06-29 22:22:43 +1000
  • Mark Juster
    signed 2020-06-29 17:25:35 +1000
  • Rebecca Congram
    signed 2020-06-29 16:34:24 +1000
  • Ann Hewson
    signed 2020-06-29 14:17:10 +1000
  • Martin Nicholls
    signed 2020-06-29 13:30:32 +1000
  • Ignacio Correa-Velez
    signed 2020-06-29 08:26:00 +1000
  • Paul Barry
    signed 2020-06-27 21:20:34 +1000
  • Terry Fitzpatrick
    signed 2020-06-27 20:55:45 +1000
  • Peter Nisbet
    signed 2020-06-27 16:54:52 +1000
    We need this shared vision & principles for QLD’s Recovery.
  • Trish Morrow
    signed 2020-06-27 14:13:11 +1000
  • Kay McPadden
    signed 2020-06-27 13:51:12 +1000
    I support all of the above. I am noticing during the pandemic that First Peoples are declared vulnerable groups and rightly so. There is such a gap, a disgraceful gap, between average life expectancy and health in the state and nationally. I look forward to hearing the stories you collect.
  • Bob Parker
    signed 2020-06-27 13:07:45 +1000
    Great approach remembering all politicians promise the stars but can’t get a lift-off
  • Michael Curtin
    signed 2020-06-27 11:18:03 +1000
    I believe in a transparent police service and building big for renewable energy
  • Michelle McDonald
    signed 2020-06-27 11:13:51 +1000
  • John Bamford
    signed 2020-06-27 09:41:19 +1000
    Although the plans are very broad, I fully support those plans and especially support the idea to have a coordinating authority such as a commissioner to overseer those plans.
  • Roger Marshall
    signed 2020-06-27 09:38:47 +1000
  • Debbie Ranson
    signed 2020-06-26 19:17:33 +1000