Call for Vision of Ipswich Summit

Call for Vision of Ipswich Summit


Media Release


28 August 2018


As civil society leaders, we are saddened by chaos at Council and welcome the stability that the appointment of an administrator will bring. The administrator must ensure that Ipswich City Council once again adheres to the law and restores good governance.

Ipswich should not suffer a democratic deficit while the administrator is in place. The name and reputation of our city and community has been impacted, we need action to rebuild our credibility now.

We need to create a positive vision for Ipswich that we all share.  The Minister for Local Government has removed the Council and therefore the State Government has a responsibility to bring the community together. We call on government to facilitate a “Vision of Ipswich” Summit.

We think that community members, local business, and government agencies need to create a shared vision for Ipswich that is owned and created by our people. 

Our Alliance stands ready to do our part. We are determined that this summit will not be just a talkfest. We can’t put our city’s future on hold. Everyone needs to come forward with ideas and their commitment, because we need decisions and real programs that builds a new culture of civic leadership.




Fr Stephen Bliss - Catholic Communities of Ipswich

Vivienne Doogan - President, Together Union

Rev Peter Arnett - Uniting Churches of Ipswich



Contact: Margareta Lemon 0407 738 697


More than 30 community leaders from churches, community centres, unions and ethnic associations approved this statement at Listening to Ipswich on Thursday 23rd August.


If you're an Ipswich person and support the call for a Vision of Ipswich Summit click here to sign our petition.