What is community organising?

What is community organising?


The work of community organising begins with one-to-one relational meetings.

The aim is to intentionally build understanding, respect and sense of reciprocity between individuals within our communities and member organisations and our active participants. 

  • Relational meetings form part of the organising cycle that includes,
  • group meetings or 'table talks' where we share stories,
  • discernment, where we look at the issues raise and decide what is systemic, what is 'winable' and what we are prepared to fight for,
  • then there's research into the issue where we bring together academics, peak bodies and others to dig into the issue,
  • we then plan one or series of actions that can be anything from a small meeting with decision-makers to large 'town hall' style meetings where we have decision-makers present alongside community leaders and our storytellers who share their stories publicly.
  • This leads to outcomes and change for the better on the issue.

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