Is there training in community organising?

Is there training in community organising?


We like to think of our training as leadership development.

The Queensland Community Alliance runs regular introductory training called Foundations of Community Organising. It's a 2-day program. We run these usually once a month in different parts of South East Qld. If your organisation is large we can also run one specifically for your organisation.

Twice a year we do a deep-dive into community organising for people who have shown their commitment. The 6-day program, National Training, is for people committed to understanding the craft of community organising and who want to play a key role in leading the activities of the Alliance within and beyond their organisation. This training is pitched at key staff within an organisation and members planning to step up to leadership roles

National Training is residential and is run together with our colleagues at Sydney Alliance. So far we're close to training 80 people in Brisbane and surrounding regions.

We also provide training to everyone as part of all of our events and preparation for events and actions. We encourage and support people to step-up to leadership roles such as assembly or discernment co-chairing.