Discernment Assembly March 2017

Discernment Assembly March 2017

On a dark and stormy night in Brisbane 340 people came together to discuss and vote on the two core issues the Queensland Community Alliance would work on to make Queensland a fairer and better place to live for everyone.

The Discernment Assembly was much more than just an event where people turned up to make a choice. It followed months of grassroots group and one-on-one meetings held all over Brisbane and southeast Queensland to find out what was hurting Queenslanders the most.

What issues and experiences were making life hard for Queenslanders?

As this video shows, we found four distinct issues and brought them to the Assembly. People spoke their stories from the heart and those present got to discuss and vote on the issues that meant the most to them. They used sticky notes to mark which two of the four issues they felt strongest about, which needed our help the most.

At the Assembly participants also agreed to become Assembly Officers, these are the leaders that are right now working inside their communities to listen to community pressures and find the stories, experiences and possible solutions to the two issues chosen to be our core concerns for the future.

We'll be bringing the work we've done so far on Education & Training and Access to Aged Care, Mental Health and Disability Care to the Founding Assembly where we expect 1600 people to attend and show that it's the people that have the power in Queensland and that...

Civil society is back!

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