Foundations of Community Organising - November 2020

Foundations of Community Organising Training

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The training is based on the philosophy and practices developed by the Industrial Areas Foundation in over 65 years of successful organising experience. 

This training institute will be held in seven online modules as follows: 

Mon, November 16

  • 5.30-8.00pm: Session 1 – Public Pressures & Exploring our stories (NSW 6.30-9.00pm, NZ 8.30–11.00pm)

Thurs, November 19

  • 6.00-7.30pm: Session 2 – Power: Power With, and Power Over (NSW 7.00–8.30pm, NZ 9.00–10.30pm)

Sat, November 21

  • 12.00-1.30pm: Session 3 – Relational Meetings (NSW 1.00–2.30pm, NZ 3.00–4.30pm)
  • 2.00-3.30pm: Session 4 – Listening Campaigns and Table Talks (NSW 3.00–4.30pm, NZ 5.00–6.30pm)

Mon, November 23

  • 6.00-8.00pm: Session 5 – The Organising Cycle (NSW 7.00-9.00pm, NZ 9.00–11.00pm)

Wed, November 25

  • 6.00-7.30pm: Session 6 – The Organising Cycle Part 2 (NSW 7.00-8.30pm, NZ 9.00–10.30pm)

Mon, November 30

  • 6.00-8.00pm: Session 7 – Action & Evaluation (NSW 7.00-9.00pm, NZ 9.00–11.00pm)

It is necessary for all attendees to commit to attending all sessions. 

Topics at the Foundations training include:

  • Community Organising:  based on the history and tradition of our religious, union and community organisations
  • Relational Organising:  individual relational meetings, listening assemblies, research, negotiation and action
  • Strengthening our Organisations: building a culture that is relational, action oriented and reflective/learning
  • Using Relational Power in the public sphere to take collaborative action on common issues

There is no cost to attendees who are members of partner organisations in the Alliance, although we ask a $10 donation for lunch each day.

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