Nourish Inala Petition

Nourish Inala Petition
Petition to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk Inala MP, Lord Mayor Brisbane Adrian Schrinner and Cr Charles Strunk Forest
Lake Ward

Inala residents deserve to access healthy lifestyles to improve their well-being now and in the future. We have faced poor health outcomes due to the absence of affordable and accessible healthy food options.

The lack of an Affordable swimming pool for alternative exercises deters people from doing a water-based activity to improve their health and well-being; it gives young people an alternative option for engagement, and for new and emerging community members, it’s a life-saving matter.

Therefore, we strongly request a combined solution by State Government and Brisbane City Council that includes these five elements:

  1. Build an affordable public swimming pool and water play facility.
  2. Introduce a “Healthy Inala Community” program through Metro South Health, based on the “Healthy New Communities” program they currently run in Logan.
  3. Start a network of Community Gardens.
  4. Start a Healthy Food Van program.
  5. Provide funding for continuation of the Nourish Inala project.

We recognise that fixing these problems will require both short-term and long-term solutions. We call on our public representatives to take concrete steps at the action night while initiating the long-term planning necessary for nourishing a healthy Inala community.

We have heard over 150 stories from the community raising these issues during three months of community listening on the pressure influencing the Inala community's health and wellbeing.

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Mary Waterhouse
Tracey Naylor
Fabiola Bran
Bess Douglas
Sheila Ehimikhuai
Jamie Nuttall
Orode Eke-Okoro
Mary Cockroft
Rose Karlo
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Leela Arthur
Megala Mahadevan
Rebecca Burgess
Tesfaye Mengistu
Tracey Johnson
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