Who is the Queensland Community Alliance

Who is the Queensland Community Alliance


The Queensland Community Alliance is a new type of nonprofit community organising group that relies on grassroots organising and people power to make all our lives better and achieve a fair, just and sustainable state.. In a few short years we've achieved so much already.

Like our close friends at the Sydney Alliance, the IAF and Citizens UK, our Alliance relies on a small group of professional organisers who train, support and help dozens of community leaders in their local communities make a difference for the common good.

We practice the craft of community organising, providing opportunities for people to have a say in decisions that affect them their families and communities. 

We've been around since 2014 and formally launched in August 2017 where the Premier pledged to support our campaigns. Importantly we are fiercely independent and and not aligned with any political party. We are funded by our members and we don't take direct government funding.

Our members are a growing collective of Queensland's largest civil society organisations including faith groups, unions and community organisations who have chosen to come together for the common good of Queensland.

You can find out more about our members on our partners page.