Solutions Forum

Attendees at the Townsville Solutions Forum

In October 2023, 56 people gathered at Ryan Community Centre for our Solutions Forum. 

We kicked off our night with samosas and listening to some music by Giggle and Strum. After heading inside the hall, we shared stories about the listening campaign and the organising that had happened in Townsville this year and the pressures facing our communities. Then, we got into groups to think about what our Agenda for the Common Good in Townsville could include. 
To round out the night, we followed the thread of one of the pressures from our listening - access to work for migrants and refugees. We did a live expert meeting with Johanna Kodoatie-Cahill from Townsville Multicultural Support Group who talked to us about the challenges facing migrants and refugees seeking work locally. 
Since then, we have conducted two more research action meetings: 
  • 15 Townsville leaders met with Keith Hamburger, an expert on justice and prison reform, (Notes available on request)
  • A small and mighty team of 3 met with Stephanie Gray, Senior Renewables Campaigner with the Queensland Conservation Council, who is leading some work on the cost of living and access to renewables (Notes available on request).

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