Founding Assembly - The Movie!

Grab some popcorn and watch Our Founding Assembly - The Movie

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Employment + Training Campaign Video 1

Stop Exploitative Employment - Restore Quality Training

Will you work with us to ensure continued funding for quality training that provides real skills and leads to good jobs? Sign up to join us and read more about our two state-wide campaigns.

Care Campaign Video 1

Our Campaign for Fairer Care!

The NDIS and Aged care reforms are leaving people behind in drive for profits before people. These reforms are too important to let them fail vulnerable Queenslanders. We are determined to take action to make sure the voices of people are heard! Join us

Maternity Hubs are coming to Logan, and it's thanks to our community!

Logan community maternity hubsThe Logan community came out in force to support maternity health in Logan at the Logan Assembly in May 2017. We won $2 million to set up local maternity hubs staffed by 6 dedicated midwives.

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How the Alliance won fair transport for Logan

Logan Assembly 2017Check out how we came together to secure a demand-response transport trial for Logan at the Logan Assembly in May 2017. 

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Care, Education and Training for all

At the Discernment Assembly the Alliance decided the two issues we would work on moving forward. Here are our stories and here's what we decided.

You can make a difference by getting involved.

Discernment Assembly March 2017

On a dark and stormy night in Brisbane 340 people came together to discuss and vote on the two core issues the Queensland Community Alliance would work on to make Queensland a fairer and better place to live for everyone.

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Alliance making a difference to SE Qld 2014 - May 2017

The Queensland Community Alliance will formally found on August 30th but we've not been sitting on our hands, we've been making a difference to communities all over southeast Queensland since we started developing the Alliance in 2014. Here's a short snapshot, please share it and come to the Founding Assembly!

Logan Together

Research inspired by stories of the people of Logan about the challenges they face led the Queensland Community Alliance to commit to working with Logan Together to improve outcomes for Logan's youth, thus improving outcomes for their wider communities.


ReActivate Ipswich

The people of Ipswich gathered to get commitments from decision makers to reactivate their CBD and bring life back to the empty shopfronts, giving young people and entrepreneurs a better chance.