Logan Public Transport: P1

People from faith, community, union and ethnic organisations identified that public transport is an issue that matters to the people of Logan. They came together to secure commitments from decision makers to improve the situation! 


Mental Health in Ipswich

Mental health is an issue that matters to the people of Ipswich. Hear stories of how it has hurt the community and get involved in working to address the issue of mental heath in Ipswich.


Logan Public Transport: P2

The Queensland Community Alliance secured commitments to address the issue of public transport in Logan. We held decision makers to those commitments and achieved great results, getting State and Local Government to agree to work together to make public transport more accessible in Logan! 


Hospital Parking Video

In November 2016, people from faith, union and ethnic communities came together to address the issue of the cost of hospital parking. We heard powerful stories of how the cost of hospital parking is hurting vulnerable families and made the commitment together to make change. 


Listening Campaign

In October 2015, the Queensland Community Alliance hosted an Assembly where we secured commitments for our Listening Campaign. Hear the story now.


Save Our Weekend

In the lead up to the 2016 Federal Election, the Queensland Community Alliance hosted a series of forums alongside partner organisations from faith, union and community sectors to secure commitments to protect penalty rates. Save Our Weekend!


Listening to Logan

In September 2014, the Queensland Community Alliance came together with people from Logan's faith, union and community organisations to share stories of pressures they face and vote with time and passion to work together to address the pressures they feel are impacting on their community. 


Our Inaugural Assembly

This is the story of our first assembly, which was held on 10 October 2013 at MaryMac Hall in Annerley. It was an inspiring, energetic and optimistic night. 280 people from more than 17 organisations came together to indicate their commitment to build a community organising alliance in Queensland to work together for the common good.