Since Founding: Sept 2017 - Dec 2018


Better Care - NDIS and Aged Care:

  • State funding for disability advocacy secured to June 30, 2021.

  • Extended funding of Workability Project for 2018/19.

  • Reduction of ACAT waiting times to Australian benchmarks.

  • Commitment to minimum staffing levels, based on research, where State delivers residential aged care.


Employment and Training:

  • New Labour Hire Inspectors to expose exploitative employment practices for Qld’s most vulnerable workers.  

  • A commitment to particularly targeting these inspectors to contract cleaning, seasonal farm work and hospitality.

  • The establishment of a new government-led apprenticeship program under Qld Government's Building Asset Services.

  • Changes to implementation of Schools Solar program that ensure procurement policies will be triggered and extra apprentices are employed.


Our Districts:

  • Stafford: New car park at Prince Charles Hospital that will be publicly funded and built.
  • Logan:
    • 3 Community Maternity Hubs are up and running, fulfilling the commitments made last year.
    • Implementation of Australia's first Demand Responsive Transport trial in Logan, Sept 2017 - Sept 2018.
    • Extension of Demand Responsive Transport trial to a fourth trial site.


We've been winning together through the relationships and action of thousands of people from community organisations, unions, faith groups and ethnic associations. 



Pre-Founding Assembly Phase

Before 30 August 2017

Community engaged in successful fight for solutions for Logan kids, including $2 million for six new maternity hubs in Logan.

  • June 2015: At our Logan Assembly, Queensland Minister Shannon Fentiman committed to $75,000 a year for two years in funding for the Logan Community Group Alliance to organise the community to engage in the Logan Together Collective Impact project.
  • May 2017: Health Minister Cameron Dick announced $2m in annual funding for six maternity hubs in Logan, an initiative of Logan Together, successfully fought for and supported by our Alliance.

50% concession on public transport fares for asylum seekers.

  • December 2015: A delegation of Alliance leaders met with the Transport Minister to push for transport concessions for asylum seekers - presenting over 2,000 petition signatures.
  • June 2016: Transport Minister Jackie Trad announced public transport concessions for asylum seekers in Queensland.
  • April 2017: 50% concessional public transport fares for Asylum seekers and unemployed came into effect.

Collective Impact project working on mental health in West Moreton

  • October 2015: West Moreton Health and Hospital Service, and DDWM Primary Health Network CEOs committed to work with us to find solutions to poor access to mental health services.
  • February 2016: Health CEOs and 10 local community health services, commited to lead mental health collective Impact project in Ipswich.
  • November 2016: Health Minister Cameron Dick announced $270,000 funding over 2 years for Mental Health Collective Impact project.
  • May 2017, Collective Impact project launched.
  • In August 2017: Four Mayoral candidates, including elected Mayor Antoniolli, committed to work with the Collective Impact Project.

Release of baby “Asha” and family to community, spared from being deported to Nauru

  • June 2015: Alliance leaders planned possible joint action around Welcome, including collective action if child faced return to risk.
  • February 2016: Alliance, together with Getup!, Refugee Action Collective and Qld Council of Unions, organised two-week, 24- hour vigil at Lady Cilentro Hospital.
  • February 2016: Government annouced release of baby Asha and family into community detention, followed by all 168 asylum seekers facing return to Nauru.

Expanded parking concessions at Prince Charles Hospital; becomes model for statewide action.

  • November 2016: Metro North Health and Hospital Service (HHS) committed to working with us to make hospital parking fairer at Prince Charles Hospital
  • May 2017: A trial of new expanded parking concessions started at the Prince Charles hospital, providing free or discounted parking to regular hospital visitors who can’t afford the costs.
  • July 2017: Health Minister Cameron Dick announced statewide hospital parking concessions package of $7.5m, inspired by our solution.
  • November 2017. ALP, LNP and Greens candidates for Stafford committed at public Assembly to work with us if elected on hospital parking costs, to ensure the continuation of our successful concessions trial.
  • November 2017. HHS CEO committed to continue expanded hospital concessions.

First ever Logan City Council funding for public transport, an integrated State Government/Council plan, and Australia-first demand responsive transport trials.

  • June 2015: The Logan City Council and Queensland Government MPs committed to join transport working group chaired by Community Alliance leaders.
  • March 2016: At our Assembly, Four Logan Mayoral candidates committed $1m+ a year in recurrent funding for public transport. Elected Mayor Luke Smith passes $4m funding in his budget.
  • March 2016: Logan City Council and State Government committed to our demand to develop an integrated transport plan.
  • March 2016: At Logan Assembly, Linus Power MP committed Qld Government to Demand Responsive Transport trial.
  • October 2017: Demand Response Public Transport trial begins in Logan.
  • In three trial sites, Logan residents can dial a taxi for the cost of a public transport fare.

Statewide commitment by Qld Premier to recognise the Alliance, work with us on our Care and Employment/Training demands.

  • March 29 2017: 340 Alliance leaders discerned to focus on Care and Employment/Training.
  • May- August 2017: Concrete demands for change by State Gov on two campaigns decided through a research action process. August 30 2017: Premier committed to our asks at our Founding Assembly.
  • November 2017: LNP Candidates committed to our asks, and Oppn Leader Tim Nicholls commits to work with us on Employment / Training asks.

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